February 05, 2008

Creative Selves

This is our first post on Blogspot! We started a sister site @ Wordpress, but are moving here to see if Blogger is a better fit for us. Kittie and I have been working very hard and putting a lot of effort into our Etsy store. Becoming sellers on Etsy has been a tremendously creative process, we both love art in all its many facets: music, paintings, toys, jewellery, pottery, etc.

Etsy and the Handmade Pledge are beautiful ideas. We are strong supporters of Etsy and the Handmade Pledge. We hope that you will enjoy the artwork that we produce, and have fun reading our blog and our adventures with our little toddler girl with the huge personality.


1 comment:

Philip said...

Do not let this project ever lose steam. This is the dream. Never forget it.

I cannot describe how I feel about the whole creative process - but it makes me complete, and I know it does for you guys too.

This is so exciting!