March 31, 2008

Nostalgic: Wedding

I was getting nostalgic about our wedding today.  It happened a few years ago but, it was a really fun time.  We had a wedding with around 140 guests; we both have large families so 100 people were family and there were 40 friends.  It was a really intimate and fun time.  Everything went well and I just remember being really happy and having a blast.  

One fun thing we did was name our tables after bands we have seen (we love seeing bands); so there was the Oscar Peterson table, the Fatboy Slim table, the Sarah Mclachlan table, the Zero 7 table, the Barenaked Ladies table, etc.

The picture below is a photo of an ornate door decoration on the patio entrance of our location.  Unfortunately, the restaurant we had the reception/wedding at, has recently been sold.  Boo.

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