March 24, 2008

Sketch: March 24, 2008

I will feature four artists that I just loved at the One of a Kind Show over this week.  The first one was from Montreal, Quebec.  (If I had to replant myself, my friends, my family and my work in a different city, that city would be Montreal).  They made some amazing plush toys with an eco sensibility: Velvet Moustache.  There's also an interview of them here.  They were fun, and they let our little girl play around with the plush soccer ball and stuffed toys with such a good spirit.


doodleandhoob said...

Good find! I share your love of Montreal.

angelune@TCA said...

yeah I couldn't wait to see velvet moustache after I read the article! I had already spent a bunch of money by the time I got to their booth so I could only afford a little toy, not the big sturgeon which would have looked awesome on the wall above my fireplace... next time I guess!