March 04, 2008

Stephan Moccio and Denzal Sinclaire

Tonight, Kittie and I spent a nice evening out to see Stephan Moccio and Denzal Sinclaire at the Markham Theatre. It was the first time I ever watched a show at the Markham Theatre. It was fantastic. The two are both soloists: Denzal performed first, he's a jazz musician from Toronto. He has a smooth voice, and a delicate soft jazz style. I'm no expert, but it was very moving, with a throwback to an old jazz sound; I really liked his performance. Kittie and I listened to his My One and Only Love CD a lot during the first few months after Mackenzie was born. With blues and reds, and the Steinway & Sons grand piano, it was fantastic.

Stephan is a songwriter, but he's also a great performer. He was an artist I had never heard of until tonight. His piano styling is inspiring, emotional and moving. I really enjoyed his pieces. He is doing very well on the charts right now in Canada. You should check out his stuff. One of his songs: porcelain was written for his wife and baby daughter. It was a delicate song, with a lot of tenderness and love. He has had a very interesting life, and his anectodes are really funny and engaging.

During the evening, I would slip off into the corners of my mind. There I would sit and play with words and images. Y'know what I mean? It was just inspiring to hear these fellows play with such raw emotion and feeling. I will get back there, but it will take time.

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