March 02, 2008

Too much cooking, not enough Etsy

Weekends go by wayyy too fast. I have been trying to finish off a collection of four prints so that I can put them up on the shop. These prints have taken a week or so already, but I think they are pretty fun and a little more progressive. However other more important things have been coming up than completing my art.

For instance: cooking. I love to cook probably as much as I like to make art. And unfortunately, art-making has to take second seat to cooking. Not cooking will impact some pretty important and immediate family members if not taken care of in a proper way. Right, Kittie?

Although this blog is relatively young in age, a large % of my posts have revolved around cooking and/or eating. This post continues in that vein (I guess I really really like food). Today, was another visit to BVB cafe. Oh man, another cappucino, and a tasty dessert! I brought a novel with me: it is by Neil Gaiman called Interworld; I sat in the cafe for probably 45min reading it. I'm 1/3 of the way through, and it's hilarious and quick paced like a movie.

Afterwards, we headed back to my mom and dad's, spent some time with family then came back up to Markham. I immediately I got started on two dishes:

1. Osso Bucco (Lamb Shank Stew) to cook tonight, and to eat tomorrow (and to distribute to Kittie's family)
2. Tasty Pasta Sauce for Penne

Last summer, a few of our friends got together and we made our own Tomato sauce! Our first annual Tomato Sauce Day was a great success! We each came out of that event with 26 or 27 one litre jars of sauce. It took an entire day to make, but the sauce tastes fresh and we know that it is of high quality (at least we believe so!). :) Hopefully the first annual event, won't end up being our last annual Tomato sauce day event.

Dinner was good, and the Osso Bucco is resting up for it's big reveal tomorrow! I love Osso Bucco, it's great comfort food.

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