April 07, 2008


Feist is insanely popular these days.  She won 5 Juno awards last night (equivalent of Grammy's, but for Canada!).  Congratulations Feist!  I saw her onstage during the summer of 2005 at Toronto Olympic Island.  She was part of Broken Social Scene.  BSS was hosting a concert, and had the likes of Metric and others present; at the time, I really didn't know who Feist was.  

My friends and I were there for Modest Mouse. (pre-baby days)  Gosh, I loved that concert so much.  It was amazing... It was a whole day affair on the island, being goofy and basking in the summer sun.

Back to Feist.  She is an amazing artist, that's for sure.  Well deserved.  We love the "Let it Die" album the best.  As a sidenote: I am a big fan of CBC Radio 3 (I will do a blog about them exclusively sometime in the future, probably over and over, since I am completely smitten with them).  Anyway, I mention them, because I lifted this picture of Feist off their website.  This was taken of her in 2004, playing on the sidewalk in Toronto for the NXNE festival.  How much change takes place in  4 years, incredible. :)


mushroommeadows said...

*sigh* I love her music too. :) And her videos are so catchy.

Anonymous said...

I was at that concert, too! Great day!