May 13, 2008

sketch: may 13, 2008

Things are big, and underway, and lots of changes - coming. Outside the weather is turning to summer, and if you can believe it, it is already May 13th.  This means that we are going to be 11/24 through the year in about 2-3 days.  If we were making an analogy against a 24hour day, it would be 11am.  Almost lunch-time or brunch. yum.

I find it amazing and astounding how time seems to accelerate as one grows older. Is it because we end up having very structured routines? Too many responsibilities and not enough paying attention to playing outside, chasing butterflies, lying on the grass, kicking a soccer ball around, playing catch?  Who knows what it is!  But time definitely seems to be moving quickly!

I am not lamenting, just observing. :)

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mushroommeadows said...'s so true! Once you hit a certain age, it's like years pass by in a blink of an eye. While when one was a kid, a day seemed like forever. Apparently it wasn't because here we are...:D

Cute reminded me; I have some in the fridge!!! :D