August 03, 2008

Kite Flying

The summer has been going fast. BBQs, swimming, baseball, play-toys, sunglasses, shorts & tees. We have been having a great summer. We are in the middle of a move, and have been busy getting our house for sale and packing. We are excited about the new place, but will miss our neighbours and the little community we have here. Townhouses are good for communities.

We recently saw Kite Runner, and I was reminded of the kites I flew as a kid. Yesterday, I bought my daughter a beginner kite. We just flew it this morning. The kite has some stability issues, but overall, can't complain for a 98cent Optimus Prime kite. :) We will try again in an open field in the next hour or so.

I hope everyone has been having a great summer. I've been working on some new prints again (finally). :) Hope to post them soon!

1 comment:

gstromberg said...

Have you tried flying a Toobee?

It's great exercise, fun and a new way to meet new people.