September 01, 2008

Farmer Fresh Produce: 2008

I am an avid non-fiction reader, with special interests towards how "we can make the world a better place". One common theme in these books is to support your community; buy local food. Local is fresh. Local helps your immediate community. Local can be tastier and healthier for you.
This year we signed up with a farm that follows a Community Supported Agriculture model (CSA). Steve & Lisa deliver us food on a weekly schedule with whatever is in-season. We have had some of the best-tasting-and-firm potatoes ever (purple ones, fingerlings, russets), multi-color swiss chard, sweet corn, oxtail carrots, strawberries galore, beets, lettuce, etc etc etc.

We have never bought beets (pic above), but we have found that we love them! Wanted to share!

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