December 04, 2008

Moving Spaces

We moved this past September. We expect/hope that this will be the last move we will need to make for the next two or three decades. We loved our little townhome. It was airy, fun, bright with sunlight, cozy; it was our first home. We bought it together a couple months before our wedding, and moved in together the day after we got married. We had lots of great memories there.

Our new house is very much like our old townhouse. Bigger: airy, fun, bright with sunlight, cozy; it is our second home. We plan to raise our kids here. We are setting down our roots, and meeting our new neighbours. Our families love our new home, they feel right at home. You know people are comfortable when they can come over, lie on the couch and fall asleep. It's happened many many times already. And we've actually only moved in for 1 month (1st 6-weeks was reno!).

It's almost the holidays, and I wanted to say, this year has been a whirlwind. Stressful. Very stressful. I started an online store that I am tremendously happy with. People have been very encouraging, customers have been wonderful, and I have found a much needed creative outlet.

I look forward to another interesting year coming up.

I have posted a photo of our old little townhouse, and my little girl running in a blur across the carpet between the kitchen and our living room. I would say, it's been a great year.

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mushroommeadows said...

congrats on the new place! sounds like you guys are settling in wonderfully! :)