January 25, 2009

Finger Puppet Making

I spent part of the morning with my daughter making an Owl finger puppet. We have a whole bunch of scrap felt/cotton/googly-eyes from when I would build stuffed dolls for my wife (then, girlfriend). Mackenzie selected the black body, and scrounged through the pile of scraps until she found two googly-eyes. She loves those googly-eyes! Owls have been very popular lately, but Mackenzie has already requested a Monkey for the next doll.

We made up a story for the Owl and its future Monkey playmate: Owl and Monkey go out to the grocery store to buy some bananas. They come back and make banana bread.

Mackenzie loved the craft making, and Kittie, well she says: you're a crafty dad. I'm itching to host a craft party for the kids now. Finger puppets and a to-be-made Little Guy Theatre would go well for a craft/acting party!

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