July 20, 2009

Summertime in the Suburbs

The year is whizz z z z z z z in g
by, quickly; and I find myself in July al-
ready, fatigued from the spring.

I don't know why I just decided to write bad prose, but there it is for all the world to see. :)

The days are busy-bodied, energetic and summery.
We have BBQs on our deck, and dips in pools and lakes.
I enjoy the fresh farm food: lettuce, asparagus, beets, sugar snap peas, June strawberries, rhubarb, garlic shoots, etc. August will bring corn, tomatoes, even more strawberries, cauliflower, etc.

And through it all, I have my little shop, that is craving for some attention, and new artwork.
And of course, my wife and kids. I love them so.!

I hope you're enjoying this time of year.

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