September 04, 2010

Studio Work: Beginnings

In recent weeks I have been inspired by a few youtube personalities and one of my friends in Toronto. They make videos: short and entertaining videos that they share online. I've been itching to make videos for years. Telling a story was one of my passions: I have very much neglected this passion for years and years. As one grows up, they forget who they really are. There's just more and more grown-up things to take care of that typically revolve around buying stuff: mortgages, bills, working to deal with the aforementioned.

This afternoon, I decided to take the Sugar And Cream universe that whirrs around in my head (and sometimes shows up in prints on my etsy storefront), and expand it into animated shorts. I will aspire to fill those films with stories that will be memorable and entertaining enough for people to smile and be happy.

The sketch above is a glimpse into the Sugar and Cream world. I'm excited! I'm storyboarding tonight, it's gonna be fun!

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Adil said...

Oh, I can't wait for some sugar and cream animated shorts. Theres always a place for that on mycitylives!