March 14, 2011

Panda One

I tried my hand at painting this weekend and created "Panda One". I uploaded it to my renewed Etsy store - "renewed" because I am giving original artwork a shot (this is mainly to avoid having to pay for expensive ink to turn my Epson 3800 into a usable gadget, instead of its current use as a some-kind-of-ugly side table).

So-far I've put a few original drawings and the one painting up. I am enjoying painting a lot, especially now that my daughter also spends time with me painting her own creations. I've loaded up the images, enjoy!

Panda One

Painting Area

Daughter's Art

- - -

On the Japan Tsunami

One of the artists I follow on twitter: @meghunt, have rallied the artistic community to join her in an art auction called: "Art for Japan" - I've emailed her and have enlisted to donate a piece of art. The news coming out of Japan is horrific, and I am compelled to do something. If you're artistically inclined, please join. Otherwise, when the auction goes up, look-around and see if there is any art you're interested to purchase.

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