March 17, 2013

Creative Selves II

I started this blog 5 years ago. Can you believe that much time has actually past?
I have these scattered blogs across blogger, wordpress and tumblr.  None are cohesive, and well, zero are that active. But I have found other ways to share.
Facebook has been wonderful.

I came back to write a post to announce something relatively major.  I am embarking on 3 distinct projects, without impacting my real job (which in and of itself is also very demanding and technically creative).

1) I am in the process of writing a novel.
2) I am embracing my technical strength in hardware and software, let's not shun it!  My friend and I are actively working on an education program to help kids learn to code and build stuff.  We're going to see how far this goes.
3) I am starting a side project, which is too early to share with all of you.  But it involves art, design and writing -- and its useful in a handbook kinda way.

Will keep you posted.  For now, follow me on Wattpad!  Some day, some time, I may actually come back to, but for now, there's too many other things to discover.

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