February 22, 2008

New York City

Kittie and I came back from New York City a few days ago. We went with my siblings and visited a cousin down in Hoboken. It was a long drive, but we enjoyed being away from here for the first time since Mackenzie was born! NYC is a very inspirational place. We visited the Metropolitan Museum and enjoyed the Impressionist works of art. I am a huge fan of Van Gogh, so it was a real treat to see entire rooms devoted to his work. We also went to SOHO, the architecture and the wide variety of things to see was astounding. We spent a lot of time in the Moma Design Store, just so many cool things!

I definitely enjoyed visiting the city, but really like living here in the Toronto area where things aren't as hectic. Overall, the trip was really fun! We will certainly go back to New York City sometime soon!

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