February 24, 2008

Sunday Fun

When Kittie and I head into Toronto to visit my mom & dad, there's a little Italian Bakery that we really really like: Bona Via Bakery. We have not gone to the bakery for years now (ever since our little head was born). But today we made it, and we thoroughly understand why we love this place! It's stocked full of great cakes and sweets; AND they make the best Cappuccino! It's so yummy. We must have been perusing the dessert display for a good 10minutes before deciding to sit-in for two cappuccinos, and two take-out desserts for our post-dinner: who doesn't love dessert?

We haven't had a nice coffee break like this together for a while! We have to visit my mom & dad more often! They really do love taking care of Mackenzie, so it let's us escape for a couple hours.

I also started the seeds for the heirloom tomatoes today. Last year's batch didn't turn out so well, but I'm hoping that things will work out better in 2008! I'm starting a little later this year, but I think that everything will turn out just fine. I am planting 3 varieties: Montreal Tasty, Silvery Fur and Ziegler's Fleisch. I ordered my seeds from Terra Edibles. They were great last year, and we actually bumped into them at the Green Living show in 2007. It was fun talking with them and seeing their wide variety of seeds. Hopefully we will see them again this year!

We are also planning to grow Oxheart Carrots: these are the short stubby carrots. Kittie is really excited with these seeds!

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