February 27, 2008

Singstar! and Cookies

Kittie and I have always been huge fans of Karaoke. We have been going to Karaoke since the early 90s, well, she may have even been going in the 80s but I wouldn't know about those adventures. We love to sing! There are Karaoke boxes here in the Toronto area that we are quite fond of. They have a wide variety of asian pop music as well as top Pop songs and a wide collection of oldies.

With Mackenzie being born, we have actually not gone to one of these Karaoke boxes since that time. Our solution? The Karaoke Revolution series for PS2, and more recently: Singstar! We are enamored by Singstar. It's Karaoke, with the original music videos. It's very very fun and addictive. We are known to spend sleepy Sunday evenings forgetting about dinner and singing Gwen Stefani's "Cool" and Elton John's "Rocket Man". It typically means being extremely hungry and running out for take-out Pizza much too late. Is it worth it? Oh yes.

Besides our Karaoke addiction, Kittie bakes really good cookies. She made me some beautiful cookies for Valentine's day. They are almost all gone! Boo. Though, she just bought four dozen eggs. Yes, four dozen eggs are sitting in our fridge! What is she going to do with all of them? Something tasty, I'm sure! She's our baker!


mushroommeadows said...

OH my gosh!!! Those cookies look deliciously cute!

sugarandcream said...

thanks mushroommeadows! they are (were) really tasty!