March 01, 2008

Smoked Salmon Fruttatta

We hosted a Saturday brunch this morning! Kittie was the chef, and I was in the sous-chef role today. Menu:

1. Blueberry Scones
2. Smoked Salmon Fruttatta (recipe from Barefoot Contessa)
3. Sausages
4. Fresh Fruit (Grapes & Oranges)

It was a really good time preparing the food, and having Kittie's family over. We ended up using 16 eggs for the Fruttatta, so we're well on our way to using up the 4 dozen eggs that Kittie has stocked up in our fridge. Kittie's family is really great to have over, they are an easy going group, and squeezing 8 of us around our table designed for 6 is always a fun-time. :) Take a look at Kittie's creations and some of the various stages of the brunch below. They were definitely tasty. I am getting hungry looking at these pictures!

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