May 07, 2008

Creativity to the Max.

Hello there!  Things are crazy busy in life, in work, in art.  It always comes in these intensified spurts.  Most of it is brought upon by myself.  I am very ambitious; not in a I'll-do-anything-to-get-what-I-want-kinda-way.  But more along the lines of: I love what I do, and enjoy the challenge, and love to build teams and be challenged in huge ways.  I am inspired by working in a close knit group, and have a fairly positive outlook on how to address problems and make things more efficient.  

What really gets me excited is solving problems.  I love solving people issues, technical issues, communication issues, artistic issues, organizational issues, logistic issues, etc. etc. etc..  It's just the way I am I suppose.  Why I am blogging about this right now, I really have no idea.  I guess I have been fairly guarded on this site and thought it would be nice to put a little bit of myself on the page; in the past, when I was much younger, I had pretty heart-on-the-sleeve online journals (pre-blog days, circa 1997).  Yes, I guess I'm not a youngin' anymore: A daddy with a toddler is me now.

With regards to the little toddler, my mom & dad are nuts about her.  As is Kittie's family.  Her mom is quite a fashionista, and bought matching sunglasses for Mackenzie and herself.  Here they are, they're nuts:


mushroommeadows said...

hehe cute picture. :)

Philip said...

Crank it. Creativity to the max. Lead the way... just like when we were kids. I need someone to follow.

For the record, I'm nuts about her too. ;)