May 01, 2008

Royal Ontario Museum

Kittie and I love the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum).  Last year the ROM unveiled its updated look and architecture.  It is fairly stunning.  We went earlier this year with Mackenzie, and we bought ourselves a family membership.  We especially love the dinosaurs, I mean, who doesn't love the dinosaurs?

The first time Mackenzie went, she saw these fossilized eggs, and kept pointing to them and saying "egg, egg!"  We were crazy surprised.  How and where did she learn that?  And just like I've stated above: "who doesn't love the dinosaurs?"; it comes as no surprise that all parents think their kids are super smart and amazing.  Same thing.  :)

Have I talked about this already?  Dinosaurs, RAAR.

I think my favorite dinosaur is the Stegasaurus.  I think it is largely because I owned Snarl of Dinobot fame when I was a kid. :)  "Transformers, Ch-chu-chu-ch-ch!"


mushroommeadows said...

Dinosaurs are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I miss the ROM. I used to work in the Hands-On Discovery Gallery (is it still there?)! I loved it as a kid, too - will have to take my son this summer.