March 10, 2011

Hand-Drawn Imaginations

I have been away from my Etsy space since December. I have actually pseudo-closed the shop by saying I am "on vacation", but really, I am just contemplating what I want to pursue. My printer ink ran out, my work was busy, and I was really thinking a lot about everything. That said, I am still confused (aren't we all?) but know that three dear loves of mine have the potential to really form a new path: art, writing and cooking.

A long time ago, at a cross-roads, I decided to pursue a technology major over english and fine arts. Isn't it funny that my passions are at seemingly opposing ends of a continuim? I still love them all (including the technology bit).

I have decided to re-open the shop this weekend, but without the technology. Instead of the digital prints I have been creating in the past, I plan to create original hand-drawn and painted pieces and put them up to share with the world. I also plan to write a little something along with each new piece.

I feel that this is a journey to re-tap a dormant creativity, when once re-found will open doors that I left closed for too long. Secondly, I hope the art I may create will offer smiles to those whom find it.

With no further ado, here is a glimpse of what is coming!! Ready to rock!

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