March 06, 2011

I made Kimchi!

Last week, I finished reading Cathy Erway's book "The art of Eating in", and was inspired to make Kimchi at Home. She didn't actually make Kimchi in her book, but wrote about Kimchi 3-4 times in the last 100 pages with a real fervor (Korean food was her first restaurant meal in her 2-year "not eating out" experiment)! Follow her here.

Here's to Kimchi! I'm eating it with Samgyetong (Ginseng Chicken Soup) which is simmering on the stove, as I write this post. 20minutes to dinner everyone!!

P.S. we made a whole bunch of popcorn with the kids earlier today. The black kernels are called "black sable", and the yellow ones we received from our CSA farmer last week in the food basket! Woott! Tasty with white cheddar!

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